International Vitreoretinal Surgeries
September 1994Stadt. Kliniken Frankfurt-Hoechst, Frankfurt.
March 1994Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.
April 1992Dr. J.D. Grange and Madam Mireille Bonnet, Hospital De La Croix-Rousse, Lyon, France.
April 1992Dr. Etienne Bovey - Hopital Ophthalmique Jules Gonin, Lau sanne, Switzerland.
1991Institutio Nacional De La Salud.
Hospital Universitario - San Carlos.
Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid, Spain.
May 1991Observed surgeries for two weeks with Dr. Zivojnovic, who is an internationally renowned vitreoretinal surgeon at Belgium.
1990Sydney Eye Hospital, Australia.
Live Surgeries
18.03.2018 6th Advanced Vitreo Retinal Techniques and Technology
18.11.2016 KOSCON 2016 Live surgery: vitrectomy
11.06.2016 Live webinar sponsored by Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital Live Surgery for Georgian Ophthalmological Society (GOS) & European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) 2nd Joint meeting (Live Transmission from Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital to Georgia)
31.07.2011 On the occasion of the 21st Anniversary celebrations of Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, organized and performed Live Surgery.
15-18.05.2008 Conducted following Dry-Labs at the 11th Vitreoretinal Symposium held at Marburg, Frankfurt, Germany:
Dry Lab-A: Suturing-start-up PPV - core PPV - drug injection - visualization of vitreoretinal interface.
Dry Lab-B: Surgery on the vitreoretinal interface in different diseases.
Dry Lab-C: All about Phaco - core PPV - Full PPV and little tips & tricks.
01.10.2007 Live Vitreo Retinal Surgery by Dr. Murat Oncel from Istanbul, Turkey & Dr. S. Natarajan.
03.11.2005 During the silver jubilee conference of Maharashtra Ophthalmologist Society, he performed pre-conference live surgery.
17.07.2005 He was invited for the Symposium of Live Surgery of Disha Eye Hospital - "LEARNING TODAY" and he demonstrated the "Recent Advances in Vitreo Retinal Surgery - LIVE".
04.12.2004 He organized the Live Surgery Workshop on Macular Surgery & Advanced Cataract Surgery under the aegis of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society (MOS). Live Surgery was performed by Three Renowned International Faculties:
Dr. Joerg Schimdt - Germany.
Dr. Gaurav K. Shah - USA.
Dr. Vincenzo Ferrara - Italy.
Also the other Host Faculties are:
Dr. S. Natarajan.
Dr. Hitendra Mehta.
Dr. Hijab Mehta.
The Indian faculties were:
Dr. Arulmozhi Varman - Chennai.
Dr. T. P. Lahane - Mumbai.
Dr. Amulya Sahu - Mumbai.
Dr. Suhas Haldipurkar - Mumbai.
Dr. Shashi Kapoor - Mumbai.
Dr. Kumar Doctor - Mumbai.
Dr. V. C. Mehta - Mumbai.
12-16.09.2004 He attended the 4th European Vitreoretinal Society Meeting- in Istanbul and performed Live Surgery on "25Guage in Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy with Tractional Retinal Detachment". He spoke on "25Guage Vitrectomy - Our initial experience". Besides this, he presented poster titled - "Transceleral Diopexy peripheral retinal ablation" and also the video titled- "Vitrectomy with intravitreal steroid".
24-25.04.2004 He participated for the Frankfurt - Retina Meeting: Live Surgery in Germany.
06.04.2004 He organized the Live Surgery Workshop & Scientific Programme on Transconjunctival Standard Vitrectomy (TSV 25G). Live Surgery was performed by Dr. Mark Humayun & by Himself. He also spoke on "Our Experience with 25G" during the Scientific Programme.
15.12.2002 Organised Live Surgery Workshop on Combined Endoscopic Submacular Surgery and Phacoemulsification by Dr. Frank H J Koch, on 15th December 2002 at Hotel Leela with extensive interactive session with 22 Panelists. The Workshop was well attended.
15.12.2002 Invited Guest Speaker at the Retina Meeting. He demonstrated a live surgery on "Diabetic Vitreous Haemorrhage and gave guest lecture on "Diabetic Vitreoretinopathy" during the Session `Current Concept'.
20-21.03.1998 Attended the Wet Lab on "Vitrectomy" during the First Vitreoretinal Symposium Frankfurt - Marburg 1998.
26.05.1998 Demonstrated live surgery to the Bombay Ophthalmologists Association (BOA) members along with Dr. Joerg Schmidt from Germany, at Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital, Dadar, Mumbai.
9-12.101997 Attended the Macula Meeting 1997 held at Singapore as a Guest Speaker and demonstrated live surgery.
29-31.05.1997 Attended the Vitreolive '97 Conference at Ravenna, Italy as a Guest Faulty, demonstrated "LIVE VITREO RETINAL SURGERY" during the conference.
29.09.1996 Demonstrated a surgery at the Live Surgical Workshop Eye Advances '96 organised by Indian Academy of Ophthalmology at Sion Hospital.
Eye Registry
He introduced the India Eye Registry based on the United States Eye Injury Registry for the first time in India. He will be running this Registry on behalf of BOA.
16.04.1998 Gamma Unit Observation
He observed the Stereotactic Irradiation of Uveal Melanoma with Leksell Gamma Unit and Suction Attachment for Stereotactic Radiosurgery of Intraocular Malignancies being done by Dr. G. Langmann and Dr. Marin Zehetmeyer at Vienna, Austria.