Guest Lectures (Conferences Attended)
25-26.08.08 Attended EYE-CON 2007 organised by Retina Foundation at Mahabaleshar and participated in the Retina session.
09.10.05 Dr. S. Natarajan attended the V annual meeting of the Uveitis Society of India (USI) as Chairman, Discussant & speaker for the session organized from October 8 - 9, 2005 under the aegis of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society and in collaboration with ORBIS International.
12-14.08.05 He was invited for the 1 hr. Symposium on "Recent Advances in Macula" during 53rd Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association Annual Conference.
15-17.08.04 Participated for 'Nellai Sandhippu - 52nd Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association' which was held in Tirunelvelli from 13th - 15th of Aug, 2004.
27-28.04.2003 Participated in the 3rd PDT Users Meet held at Coonor, Tamil Nadu.
8-10 February 2002 Pariticipated in the Annual Conference of Vitreo Retinal Society India held at Goa of which he was the Jt. Secretary, Organising Committee, VRSI.
31-1-2002 Attended the Felicitation Programme of Dr. Shanta Motwane at Sion Hospital on her retirement. He spoke on "Retirement".
27-1-2002 Attended the Executive Committee Meeting of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society held at Solapur.
26-1-2002 Participated in the PDT User Doctors Meet organised by Novartis India at Chennai.
7-11.04.00 Participated in the Frankfurt Retina Meeting 2000 held at Frankfurt.
1-4.12.99 Participated in the Thirty Second Annual Scientific Session of the Retina Society held at Maui, Hawaii.
7-10.1.99 Participated in the 57th All India Ophthalmological Society Conference held at Cochin.
07.09.97 Participated in the IV Scientific Alumini Meeting of Sankara Nethralya at Chennai.
September, 1997 Participated in the Internet Conference.
30.03.97 Attended the Third Workshop on Retinal Vascular Disorders organised by MMR Research & Eye Care Foundation at Delhi.
20-23.02.97 Participated in the 55th Annual Conference of the All India Ophthalmological Society at New Delhi as a Guest and Teaching Faculty.
15.10.95 Attended the Scientific Programme organised by Bombay Ophthalmologists Association.
05.02.95 Was invited as an expert to take part in the `Brain Twisters' programme to discuss the day- to-day management of various situations in different sub-specialities of Ophthalmology.
22-24 October 1993 Attended Ahmedabad symposium on retina & vitreous.
9-10.10.93 Maharashtra Ophthalmic conference at Ahmednagar.
10.07.93 First mid year workshop on "Intraocular Lens Implantation" under Andhra Pradesh State Ophthalmic Society at Tirupati.
09.02.93 Indian Medical Association symposium on "Use of Laser in Surgery".
17-21.07.92 Attended The Simple Vitrectomy course during the 10th Afro-Asian Congress of Ophthalmology, Jakarta.
17-21.07.92 Attended the Advanced Vitrectomy course during the 10th Afro-Asian Congress of Ophthalmology, Jakarta.
17-21.07.92 Attended the Laser in Retinal Disease course during the 10th Afro-Asian Congress of Ophthalmology, Jakarta.
2-5.04.92 Attended 2nd International symposium on Ocular Trauma, Geneva, Switzerland.
08.04.92 Attended College of Ophthalmologists meeting, London, U.K.
06.04.92 Attended Institute of Ophthalmology (University of London), Clinically applied Ophthalmic Research - The approach in the 1990s Meeting, London, U.K.
7-8 Nov. 1991 Attended an advanced course in medical & surgical diseases of retina & vitreous, conducted by Sankara Nethralaya, Madras.
Nov. 22-24th 1991 Attended Xth national symposium on paediatric ophthalmology and ocular trauma, held by Ahmedabad academy of ophthalmology.
15.06.91 Attended meeting on Perfluorocarbon Liquids in vitreoretinal surgeries where the pioneers of the field demonstrated at Philips University Marburg, Germany.
14.06.91 Attended demonstration of Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope at Munich, Germany.
March 23, 24, 1991 Workshop on pars plana surgery, basics and advanced, Retina Foundation Ahmedabad
January 1990 Ahmedabad intraocular lens, Ahmedabad academy of ophthalmology.
September 1989 Attended the conference held by Maharashtra Ophthalmological society at Goa.
September 1989 37th Annual conference of Madras state ophthalmic association held at Salem.
August 1989 Attended vitreous surgery workshop conducted by Eye Research Centre held at Madras.
February 1989 II Indo Japanese meeting (showed video on vitreous surgery), New Delhi.
January 1989 Workshop on vitreoretinal surgery, conducted at L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.
January 1989 Workshop on ocular pathology and uveitis at Sankara Nethralaya.
September 1988 36th Annual conference of M.S.O.A. & South Regional Ophthalmic conference, Tiruchirappalli.
December 1987 Symposium and workshop in retina and vitreous, C.B.M. Ophthalmic Institute Angamally, Kerala
1986 34th Annual conference of M.S.O.A. Pondichery.
July 1985 I.O.L. workshop, Tiruchy.
January 1984 43rd All India Ophthalmological Society conference, Cochin. (attended microsurgery workshop at Cochin).
1984 32nd Annual conference of M.S.O.A. Madras.
January 8, 1984 Seminar on "Diabetes & the Eye", organised by Diabetes Research Centre & M.V.Hospital for diabetes, Madras.
January 1983 42nd All India Ophthalmology conference, Poona.
August 1983 III South Zonal conference, Indian Academy of Paediatrics, Madras.
November 1983 32nd Annual Conference of M.S.O.A. conference, Madurai.
December 1983 International intraocular implant conference, Bombay.
1982 12th Annual Conference of Indian Association of preventive and social medicine (IAPSM), C.M.C.Vellore.
October 1982 30th Annual conference of M.S.O.A. conference, Coimbatore.
January 1982 Southern chapter of the Indian Society of Nephrology, Madras.
March 1982 29th Madras State Ophthalmic conference.
December 1981 Silver jubilee conference of the Federation of obstetrics and gynaecological societies of India held at Calcutta.
August 1981 27th Annual conference of Madras State ophthalmic conference.
1981 VI Southern Regional conference of Indian Pharmacological Society, Madurai.
March 1981 VIII All India conference of Indian Society of blood transfusion and immunohaemotology.
1981 VIII All India conference of Indian Pharmocological society, Madurai.
July 1979 First Indian conference on neuro diabetology.
Jan. 1979 Joint annual conference of the Association of the physicians of India.
January 1979 Regional workshop on planning diet for health, held at W.C.C., Madras.
December 1978 27th Annual conference of the Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists.
January 1978 All India genetic conference.
December 1977 XXIII Annual conference of the Association of physiologists and Pharmacologists of India.
October 1977 First State conference of anatomists association of Tamilnadu.